We are proud that Procom products can be found on Discom B.V. designed noise and heat control solutions supplied to companies such as Aggreko, Atlas Copco, Bosch, Volvo, Socratherm, Kamag, Kaeser, Caterpillar, Scheuerle, EC Power, SDMO, Frank Mohn, Zeppelin and approximately 50 others…

London 2012 summer Olympic games went through smoothly and quietly also because power generators used during the games were equipped with silencers produced in Procom.



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Procom Praha s.r.o.
Vratislavova 4
128 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420-724 737 120


Procom is an industrial and marine exhaust silencers producer with over 15 years of production experience.

Silencers made in Procom are helping to all kinds of global industry leaders to have their noise and heat under control.

Procom also produce very rigid light cage steel structures with extremely high heat and sound insulation for wall, ceiling and roof structural use.

Custom orders and special technical or delivery challenges are all part of Procom’s daily business.